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Things to know AFK (away from keyboard)

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Before school starts

Bring something to write on (in addition to your computer), a few pens/pencils and an eraser.

First weeks of school

A great place to spend time between lectures is our student associations office. Meet new people, drink a cup of coffee or have a coke (or beer).

We recommend you to attend events to make friends for life already the first few weeks.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, everyone has been in your shoes!
Telegram is a great place to ask for help.

Student card

We recommend getting a student card ASAP, as it grants you cheaper lunches, train tickets and more.

Before you order any student card, make sure you have completed the annual term registration.

The student card is provided by FRANK and can be either a plastic card or electronic. You can read more about the different card options at FRANK.

If you decide to go for a plastic card, you will also need a Student Card sticker, which can be acquired at the Student Union Office, Kåren. The sticker is free and it doesn’t take more than a minute to get it, but you have to go there.

Kåren on the map


To avoid ruining your life by sitting in front of the computer all day, you may want to exercise. CampusSport offers cheap gym access and many organized activities in different sports.

The annual gym membership is only 66 euros!

With that you get:

Read more about what CampusSport can offer on their website or ask a tutor.