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Useful tools and links to get you started as a DaTe member.

Getting started with Git and Github

This page contains general information on how to get started with Git and Github

git 101

// TODO: add CLI git info before desktop client

Github Desktop (Windows and macOS only)

Github has a great desktop application for users that are not comfortable with command promt/terminal or want a more visual overview of your repositories.

Find out more here: Github Desktop

GitKraken (PRO)

Similar to Github desktop GitKraken is a great tool for managing git repositories. GitKraken works with Windows, macOS and Linux.

Note, with GitHub Education pack you get GitKraken Pro for free. There is not big difference with the free or payed version.

Check it out: GitKraken

No client? No problem

You do not need any additional software to make you more confused if you do not want to. The clients above are just some examples you can check out if you maybe want some help and a better overview of how git works. Many IDEs (integrated developement environments) we use have integrated git and an excellent support for usage of git. Therfore, Git clients often are just complementary tools.

Learn interactively helps you learn the most basic commands with a fun, interactive, step by step tutorial.

Remember to read the texts to fully understand the commands!