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An introduction to Tuxedo

Tuxedo is a Linux server used within Åbo Akademi University, which you can log in to via SSH. The SSH-protocol encrypts the communication to the server, so the connection over the web is secure.

Everyone with a ÅA-username can get access to the tuxedo, but everyone does not have it automatically. However, everyone in the IT department gets it when enrolled as a student.

What you can do with tuxedo

How to connect

Authentication is done with your regular ÅA-username and password.


To establish a SSH-connection you will need a ssh-client. Every Linux distrubution and macOS comes preinstalled with OpenSSH. Open up the terminal (e.g. Konsole, Xterm, macOS terminal) and type the following command:

$ ssh


$ ssh [USERNAME]


Windows does not come preinstalled with an SSH-client. You can use any SSH-client you want. For home users PuTTY works great: Download here

Run PuTTY and insert the Host Name as in for Linux/Mac.



Leave the port as 22 and press Open.